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Tuesday 8 November 2011

Rock the (Christmas) Kasbah

Christmas lights can be a bit tacky. That's not necessarily a bad thing. On one hand, I love the houses that go all out every year and transform into winter wonderlands complete with inflatable snowman in the garden. Love them. My favourite part of Christmas as a kid was seeing all of the pretty lights in windows. But on the other hand (take note, London) sponsored Christmas lights are NOT COOL. Frankly, Regent Street is a hot mess at the moment.

So I'm torn. I want pretty lights, I want colourful dinky lights all over the place. But I'm not going to give Dudley Moore in Santa Claus: The Movie a run for his money. I live in a little house in south east London, not Lapland.

These Kasbah lights from Cox & Cox are the answer (and they're only just in stock, hurry up and order before they all sell out). The 20 little lampshades are made out of glass, so they're pricey at fifty quid, but you'll get gorgeous lights and jingly noises all throughout the festive season. So much prettier than throwing up lights everywhere and hoping for the best. Not that my Dad would agree.


  1. I discovered that you can get these lights cheaper from Amazon for only £36 (free delivery):

  2. And they're only £35 on Rocket St George


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