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Thursday 17 November 2011

Bright Blazers

Every winter wardrobe needs some brighter items to lift the dreary winter mood. These bright coloured blazers in delicious jewel-tones are on trend and super easy to style for this season's colder months. Simply throw a blazer over your winter floral dress, or pair with skinny jeans and a vintage sweater. The possibilities are endless and you will no doubt have streams of compliments thrown your way when donning one of these delightful blazers. Well, that’s what I’m hoping for anyway!

I love colour in my wardrobe and I fully intend to clash to my heart’s content this winter. After all, life’s too short to only wear black.

Priced between £45 and £50, these blazers from River Island are an affordable and possibly prudent way to update your wardrobe in a flash of colour. Available in pink, blue and green.

Are you a colour fan or is it neutrals all the way?


  1. I'm torn. I know they'll look amazing on. But I can't help thinking that they're a bit holiday park rep-ish...

  2. I have a light blue one and it is definitely my "go to" on days I "have nothing to wear" or need to get dressed and out in a rush.

    It dresses up a pair of jeans and heels and goes great with a simple black skirt.

    After reading this, it's nice to see I might be doing something kinda right!

  3. Siany - I can teach you the Tiger dance if you like. I got those Haven holiday moves down!

    Carrie - You are totally getting it right.

  4. Oh wow. I've now started my Christmas list. I think unless you were a name badge they're not too holiday-rep ish! Red wouldn't work either.

    I can't choose which one!

  5. I've been looking for a blazer for ages but have kept my search to black ones - now I'm tempted by that blue number...

  6. I'm going to have do some trying on this evening as I think I will be too cold in my outfit without one!


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