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Friday 18 November 2011

Sexy Storage: Vanity Cases

I had a bit of a dire situation the other day when I couldn't actually see most of my dressing table because it was covered in nail polishes and eye shadows and make-up brushes and drawings by The Daughter. Lovely as all these things are, it isn't so lovely when you can't find what you need for the mess. And what if you don't have a dressing table at all? This is where the luxury of a vanity case comes in to collect all your mess and hide it in a useful box. Brilliant. They're not cheap but if you're making up [pun totally intended] a Christmas list then it might be worth a shot putting one on there!

It could be that I need this box from Beauty Boxes.

I like that it looks like a tool box. A tool box for your face. It's the very specific price of £63.46.

If you're looking for something slightly less industrial, how about this trunk like case from The National Gallery?

It cries out to be carried onto a steam train as you wave goodbye to your lover. I feel like some vintage romance just looking at it. As it's real leather loveliness, it's £95.

There are some genuine vintage vanity cases to be found if you look. I'm taken by the colour of this one from Stardust.
It needs to be accompanied by a pencil skirt and some Jackie O shades, doesn't it? If you have these things, it can be yours for £45. (You don't really have to have the skirt and shades to buy it though)

Of course, you could win the lottery this weekend. In which case, you want one of these. I have been staring at it with fierce longing for some time now and couldn't not share it with you. Behold the Marie Galente Make-up Trunk from The Conran Shop.

See why I've been staring? It is ridiculously glamorous. It even looks fabulous when it's closed too, look.

Apparently, it comes with wheels so you can have your people transport it from cruise liner to limo to suite at The Ritz. For £2,245, you'd hope that'd be the case.

Now, what are those winning numbers....?


  1. My friend has one of those Conran trunks, it was a wedding present from her husband. Green with envy!

  2. Oh my gosh. No wonder she married him! (I'm sure there were perfectly good other reasons too like love and that!)


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