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Monday 7 November 2011

Dream Dress: Miss Selfridge Sequinned Dress

Apparently I feel like channeling my inner Beyonce today. As well as dancing about my bedroom to Crazy in Love (the best pop song ever, no exceptions), I've also got my eye on this sequin dress from Miss Selfridge. And now I've spotted it, I've forgotten that I have an other dresses in my wardrobe. I don't care about those. They aren't covered in sequins and I'm now totally bored of things that aren't covered in sequins. Just look at the shape of the back:

Usually I wouldn't recommend anything dip-dyed, but I think the extra bit of colour stops the dress looking too Vegas showgirl. It looks like it'll hang beautifully and I adore every single sequinned inch of it. Someone invite me to a fabulous party so I can justify becoming £150 poorer.


  1. Love it but in my experience buying sequin-ed clothing on the high street is like flushing money down the toilet. They always seem to start shedding sequins within moments of leaving the store!

  2. I know what you mean, Frugal. In the case of sequins, you very much get what you pay for. Anything over £100 seems to go the distance. I'd avoid anything from New Look, but invest a little more and not only are the sequins likely to last, it'll be a heavier dress that hangs really well.


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