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Thursday 26 January 2012

Arguably The Best iPhone Case In The World

A couple of weeks ago I helped a friend move house which satisfied my twin fondnesses for a) helping and b) driving vans. Sadly, it turned out that I get monumentally flustered when driving vans with boys in, and as a result, I left both my headphones and my iPhone case behind.

Still. I'd been lusting after Firebox's game controller iPhone case for ages so this gave me a nice excuse to treat myself. Except whoah - a swift bit of googling later and I'd found not only the wonderful For Her From You site but this frankly astonishing personalised NES iPhone case. Personalised! You can put literally anything you like on it!

After a giddy few minutes envisaging a phone with Juniper Foxtrot Quantum Leap III on it in bold red type, I went with my name instead.

It's £28.95 and comes with standard delivery. However, I also paid the £5 for express delivery which meant this iPhone case cost me - deep, deep concentrating doing-maths-face breath - £33.95.

"That's completely acceptable," said my serpent-like desk neighbour, temptingly, "My iPhone case is incredibly boring but still cost me £20."

"That's true!" I said, "And I'll clearly be writing about it which means I can claim it back off next year's tax." *

Here it is. Isn't it AMAZING? I've showed this to pretty much everyone I've seen recently, brandishing it like a cross between the Triforce and Superman's business card. It's incredibly tough, although I haven't tempted fate by throwing it off the nearest building just yet.

The one problem was that the company who sent it forgot to put my name on the packaging, which meant Colin from the post room had to open several layers before finding my name on it. Hurray for personalisation, but woe for my not getting to read the nice message to myself I'd written in the spirit of 'From Her To You'. I think it read something like "Dear Kat - I saw this and knew you would love this as much as I do. Lots of love, Me."

I was probably having some kind of mental episode.

However, I love this so much I might actually pass out.

* I'm not actually sure if this is true - despite doing a tax return for five years I am still incredibly vague on the ins and outs of it. I am a terrible human being.


  1. It's got your name on it! Truly, there could not be a more perfect case for you.

  2. There is games controller oyster card holder I was looking at the other day but this is MUCH cooler (I also got the Space Invaders oyster card holder instead)

    This is enough to make me want an iPhone (this and instagram)


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