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Wednesday 25 January 2012

Sluttery Travels: Prestonfield, Edinburgh

Calm yourself, Domestic Sluttery readers. Prestonfield in Scotland is going to make your heart flutter. Home of Edinburgh's Lord Provost, it was built in 1687 and it's one of the most elegant hotels in Scotland. By elegant, I mean a damn sexy pile of bricks that I'm plotting to steal and make Sluttery HQ.

I would write great postcards at that desk.

And have brilliant erm.. dreams in that bed.

The details are sumptuous. This is the kind of hotel for snuggling up in when it's pouring with rain outside. I know Edinburgh's an awesome city, but I'd be finding excuses not to leave this place.

Sitting in these chairs would be a large part of my excuse.

"Sorry but I don't appear to want to move from this sofa. You go out, I'll have another whisky sour."

The hotel has 23 rooms and is just five minutes from the city centre. The suites aren't cheap at over £300 a pop, but there is bubbly and breakfast included. Standard rooms are just as gorgeous and usually £265 for a night. Luckily Prestonfield have some fantastic offers and a double room this month is just £150 for a night - bubbly and breakfast included.

One of you had better take me with you this time. You never take me with you.


  1. It really is wonderful, related to The Witchery and they had Peacocks too !!!! Food was lovely. A gem.

  2. Kat and I were saying yesterday that it has more than a little Witchery about it - but Prestonfield looks a little sleeker for some reason.

  3. I agree. It has a lot more polish. Not as mysterious but super opulent. We were in The Witchery last month and hate to say but it is getting a little tired in places.


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