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Tuesday 17 January 2012

Etsy Pick: Over the Rainbow

There is sunshine in London! Look outside. It might not be warm, but the Potential For Rainbows is higher than usual and that gets me all excited. Rainbows are excellent things. Just nature playing about with light and suddenly everyone gets a little bit happier. You can't be in a grouch once someone has pointed to the rainbow over there.

I can't take credit for finding this gorgeous rainbow necklace. It was actually on the rather excellent new blog The Hankerer. She hankers after brilliant things. This neclace is Mixco's and just over £20. I didn't know who it was from until today but I already have one of their butterfly rings.

There's even a little raindrop on the back.

The bird is cute too. The details are really lovely, without distracting from ALL OF THOSE RIBBONS. I really like this necklace. It stays just on the right side of twee fence, which is impressive for something from Etsy that's been adorned with birds and ribbons.


  1. Thank you Domestic Sluts for mentioning my blog :)

    Am still in love with that necklace although I've got my eye on Mixko's cloud necklace too. Love The Hankerer

  2. Oh, that rainbow necklace is just gorgeous!

  3. Very cute necklace, I like that they put the dove at the beginning of the rainbow too.

  4. Pleased you all like it! Thanks for stopping by, Hankerer!

  5. oh it's beautiful! No idea what I'd team this with but who cares, it's a rainbow made of ribbons! My heart's fallen for it.

  6. Thanks for featuring my design!

    (NOA design is a new name for MIXKO!)



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