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Thursday 12 January 2012

Knockdown knitwear: jumpers for £20 and under

We've covered shoes, dresses and bedlinen. What else could you possibly want in the sale? You sensible readers, who know this mild weather is only fooling us and we've got months to go before we can start wearing all the 'Spring/Summer' things the shops are insisting on showing us, will surely be shouting at your screens 'KNITWEAR!'.

Here's a selection of the finest woolly warmers in the shops, all available for £20 or less.

I spotted this Strawberry yoke pullover looking very cute on bargainista fashionista. It's a sweet taste of Summer to tide you over until the weather gets a bit warmer. It's exactly £20 at Urban Outfitters.

This looks like it's a cardigan. It's not, it's a jumper - ASOS have just pulled a clever trompe l'oeil on us. It's called the collar jumper, although the collar isn't real either. Quite confusing but very pretty. It's £17.50 or, if you're prepared to smash through the £20 barrier, you can get it for £24.50 in cream instead.

This looks like a properly cosy jumper.  Even though it's got cropped sleeves (buy yourself some long knitted gloves to combat any chilly wrists) This is £17 at Warehouse.

Also one that makes me think of long nights in log cabins, this cream patchwork jumper is £20 at River Island.

ASOS can take a bow for this jumper. Rows of them in fact. Again it's cheaper if you go for the less obvious colour. It's £18 in orange, though from the picture this looks more peachy to me. For £27 you can get it in purple.

Found any good ones I've missed? Make sure you tell me all about them in the comments...


  1. I love these three sailor-style ones from Topshop which have just gone in the sale.
    Laura B x[398585|398526]&noOfRefinements=1[398585|398526]&noOfRefinements=1[398585|398526]&noOfRefinements=1

  2. Ahoy sailor! Thanks for the tip Laura. I was looking at these only on Tuesday in a lustful manner! Though I've promised myself not to buy any new clothes until the end of the month. Fingers crossed they stick around until then (I sadly imagine they won't)


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