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Monday 9 January 2012

Cocktail Hour: Alchemist Dreams

I like mixing things together and seeing what happens. I do it when I'm cooking, I used to do it with my aunt's perfumes when I was a kid and I still do it with booze. Sometimes with brilliant results, sometimes with results that make you vomit green (no, Midori and Coke do not go together). It's a bit like doing chemistry. Happy, booze chemistry.

I think Ruth, the lady behind Alchemist Dreams also mixed perfumes together when she was younger. Now she's turned her hand to mixing liqueurs, and you get to choose what goes in them.

You pick your booze base (fruity) and then your accents (spices, peppers, herbs and all that gubbins). Then you choose your bottle size and you're good to go. You can pick little taster bottles for a fiver, and small bottles and sets start at £15. When you get really good at your blending, a large bottle is £30 and holds 500ml.

Delivery is £5, which isn't pricey at all given that you're getting bottles in the post and they can be a bit smashy. You then get to say smug things like "oh, this? oh it's my personally blended liqueur" and "oh, the recipe? oh no, it's top secret". Your friends will soon start to hate you, in which case you can mix it with gin and drink it all yourself.


  1. This is proper brilliant, and has given me ideas for birthday presents. Imagine giving a friend a bottle of their own personalised liqueur! It trumps book vouchers and a candle.

    Please don't mention Midori again though *gips*

    1. That was vile. I was drunk enough to think it was a good idea.

  2. Gorgeous! I ended up making a load of liquers for friends and family for Christmas - raspberry and vanilla, strawberry and black pepper and spiced cider vodkas. They take a while to infuse but are really easy to do :)

  3. This is clever! Might help me get a few birthday presents sorted!

  4. Going to Richmond tomorrow to see their stall :) Ace. Thanks so much for sharing this!


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