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Tuesday 31 January 2012

Folksy Find: Wall Envy Art

Love it or hate it, it's nearly Valentine's Day. If you're looking for something non-soppy for your geeky other half , you could do worse than checking out Wall Envy Art on Folksy..

There are no kittens, flowers, or "I wuv oo soooo much!" messages in their Gifts for Geeks section. Messages are hand-inked onto pages of old algebra textbooks. Euler's Identity, above, is considered one of the most elegant formulae in mathematics (apparently - I did Maths A-level but we didn't get round to that).  Make a number nerd's day and tell them they're even more beautiful.

Prime numbers are pretty special. They're only divisible by 1 and themselves, seem to occur at random and can be used to encrypt codes. I've got a great fondness for those guys.

This says "I love you" in binary. Pretty awesome. It's currently only available in a set of three.

They're £20 each or £43 for three, and come in a lovely chunky black frame. And if you don't have a significant other to buy for, get one for yourself. YOU'RE most beautiful than Euler's Identity, dammit.


  1. I've never sent a Valentines card in my life nor have I given presents or done anything to celebrate but I am *this* close to ordering the top one for my boyfriend. I must resist!

  2. Anonymous: do not resist! Give in! It doesn't have to be a Valentine's present - give it to him on the 15th.

  3. I've already got a couple of these beauties at home (one to commemorate our son's birth and a custom Dr Who quote one for my husband). Nice to be ahead of the game for once! The secret's out now though :-)


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