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Friday 20 January 2012

Practical AND Pretty Wet Weather Gear

Who said practical had to be boring? Pah to that concept! Now, I don't know about where you are but today in the grey of the East Midlands, it has done nothing but rain and be miserable. Icky. There is no incentive to go outside. Mainly because I am sadly lacking in nice wet weather gear. Yeah, you heard - NICE practical waterproofs. You think they don't exist? Think again.

Let's start with these wellies from Joules.
Rather stylish, no? Especially when you look at them from the back.

They're £64.95 and come in red with a navy ribbon or purple as well. I like the navy and mustard contrast though.

Now, what to wear on top? Grey days need colour and there is nothing more colourful than a splash of yellow like this coat from ASOS.

It has useful things like a hood and a concealed zip so the water can't get in. At £50, I think it would work out rather well on a Cost Per Wear calculation. It rains a lot during a year.

As a finishing touch, you need an umbrella. Something big and bold as a final stick-your-tongue-out to the dreariness. How about this Pagoda umbrella by Fulton?

You certainly wouldn't get lost in the crowd with this and you'd be dry which is altogether the only reasons I need to want this. Need another? It's currently £24.50 down from £35 at John Lewis.

Now there is absolutely no excuse not to go jumping in puddles!


  1. They're the most amazing wellies in the world.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Tom Joules wellies!

  3. I love that umbrella! It is beautiful!


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