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Thursday 12 January 2012

Prints charming: Andy Smith

Picking prints is a tricky business. I want something that suits whatever mood I'm in - whether that involves dancing on the ceiling or being slumped in a corner. Typographic prints are especially tricky. No matter how pretty they are, if my print is commanding me to make lemonade when handed lemons, chances are that all I'll feel is bitter.

That's why I was delighted to discover the work of Andy Smith. His fun prints have a very British feel, a beguiling mixture of sensible and silly. Take a look at this goldfish:

This print is simply called Lonely. Oh dear, the poor lonely goldfish. Give it a home for £30.

I'd certainly following a speeding dog in a car who promised me Better stuff. This print is £50.

Follow the action of this sausage dog in sniffing out some good advice and remember to Follow your nose, also for £50

Andy Smith's website is crammed full of other tiny pieces of joy. Who could resist a 'They Went that Way' hanging sign, some 'Beware' warning blocks, or a small book called They quickly ran from the enormous finger (the title gives away the plot really).  Or your very own lonely goldfish?

Who can resist a lonely goldfish?

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