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Tuesday 31 January 2012

Keep it buttoned

If you suffer from koumpounophobia, look away now. It sounds like one of the worst kinds of phobias to me as I can never resist a pretty line of buttons, whether that's on a blouse, skirt, gloves or in a pile in a charity shop. I spent half an hour last Tuesday fishing through a bag finding the perfect ones for my cardie. If you also like how they look but, honestly, you've got better things to do with your time, take a look at these cute as a button products.

As is so often the case, this selection starts with something from the magnificent Present and Correct. These beautiful button push pins will fasten notes, love letters and shopping lists to your board in the prettiest possible way. They're £14 for the set.

Just as charming is this Button mug by Blackbird Studio available over at Culture Label, the perfect mug for a crafty miss. It's bone china and costs £8.50.

For a less twee twist on the look, how about Laura Egbi's Simple Treasures cushion available at the Graduate Collection for £40. You can only tell it's made up of hundreds of buttons when you peer closely. As for the hot pink colour? Well, it certainly lives up to the phrase 'Bright as a Button'.

And finally for some buttons that are guaranteed to go down well with just about everyone, try these vintage milk chocolate buttons from Hotel Chocolat. A box costs £7 and their various shapes and patterns make them almost too pretty to eat. Almost.


  1. That's a fantastic cushion. I wish I could justify spending forty quid on it!

  2. The chocolate buttons are excellent.

  3. I found an entire shop dedicated to buttons in Plymouth - I think it's called Funky Poppy? It's like a sweet shop, but for buttons!


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