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Tuesday 31 January 2012

Join the #DomesticDebate Twitter chat

We've been a little bit chatty recently. Our inboxes are often a flurry of debate and discussion (and cute puppy pictures) and we've decided that we should make our discussions a little more public. So we're inviting you to our very first Twitter chat.

The first Domestic Debate will take place next Tuesday 7th February at 8pm (we've checked, there's nothing very good on the telly) and we're going to be asking the question 'are we over vintage?' We'll be discussing everything from Etsy and 'shabby chic' to the vintage-inspired high street and car boot sales. We're expecting things to get lively (not least because even the Domestic Sluts can't agree with each other on some issues around the debate).

You can follow us over at @DomesticSluts and using the hashtag #DomesticDebate so you can follow the discussion and if you're not a Twitter user we'll also be asking the same question on the Domestic Sluttery Facebook page so you can get involved over there.

Looking forward to chatting to you all!

Flickr image eldh's photostream.


  1. Ooh - good question. I got ridiculously angry about it in my own head on my walk to work today so am keen to see the debate!

    1. There are so many different angles - if the Domestic Sluts disagree with one another, we know it's going to get lively with more voices!


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