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Friday, 27 January 2012

Dream Dress: AWear Bird Print

A few months ago, I wrote about having finally found a dress I was going to buy on ASOS. I lied. Or rather, I never got around to buying it.

This time though I bought three and kept two. I absolutely love this owl print dress! It's £32 and incredibly cute, although sadly doesn't come with the red belt you see in the picture. Funnily enough, despite not being a tall-specific size, it's a lot more decent to wear in public than my similar Topshop Tall mini-dress which requires shorts, or at the very least, tights worn underneath to ward off any potential arse disasters.

I love the flattering sleeves and the jersey wrap style, and it's got two cute red lines on the top by slightly puffed shoulders.

I wore it to work yesterday (yes, this is yet another WIWT picture taken in our Mad Men loos) with my favourite multi-purpose blue ribbon as a belt, pink Topshop tights and Amber & Jade Aretha heels. Happy old me.


  1. I love owls and dresses. This is a very cute dress (and I still love those loos)

  2. Really do like this dress - it doesn't look like you're wearing owls from a distance. You look lovely.

  3. I bought this the other day- super comfy and really flattering. I did almost give my boss a heart-attack when I tried it on with no vest top underneath though...

  4. Quick Q - How tall is tall? I'm 5' 11" and shy away from mini dresses due to looking like I've grown out of them. This and you look good.

  5. Love that dress! Am wondering, as it's a wrap dress, whether it would cover my 18 week pregnant belly? Ooh and same Q. as Ruthh too.

    Love the ensemble that Kat has put together! Cute!

  6. Just read your profile Kat 9put my deerstalker on for that) and see you making me look a bit of a titch as you are 6' 1". Sot that puts the length of the dress in perspective. Many thanks Rx

  7. Yep, Kat is 6' 1" - she's all legs and witty banter.

  8. Officially well jel of Kat then :) x

  9. Love, love, love! Unfortunately lots of quicker domestic sluts have taken the size 10's so I'm going to risk a size 12 and hope it'll look ok with a vest top and belt. How on earth did I miss this on my recent asos dress search? Thanks Kat!


  10. Very nice. I adore anything with an animal print (birds especially) and I have been admiring the Dotty P's flamingo jumper posted elsewhere on the blog.

    I wonder where that hem would rest on me at 5'5"...


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