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Wednesday 18 January 2012

Birds Of A Feather Plate Set from Poketo

Now I've finally got round to painting my living room (or rather, telling The Hairy Drummer to paint it), I'm busy looking for stuff to put on the walls. Because paint isn't enough. I'm currently coveting this set of plates by Oksana Badrak. Yes, it's time to bring back plates as decorative items. The birds make them traditional but the colours and style make them sufficiently modern that they're not drowning in twee kitschness. Oh and they're melamine so it won't matter too much if they fall down.

Of course, you could use them as actual plates. That makes the £43* price tag seem a bit more palatable. Multifunctional art. I like it.

Birds Of A Feather plate set by Oksana Badrak at Poketo

*The price is based on current exchange rates of $66 - $40 for the plates plus $26 shipping

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