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Thursday 26 January 2012

Etsy Pick: Joy Nevada

With Valentines Day approaching I have been on the lookout for gifts that are a little more personal than the standard chocolates, flowers and big red heart options. I want something to keep, something that is one of a kind, or even something with my name on.

These personalised salt and pepper pots are on my list of potential Valentines gifts. They are simply adorable. Illustrated and hand-painted by Joy Nevada Hale, these custom made pots are probably a great gift for all kinds of occasions. Wedding present for your best mate perhaps?
Each set costs just under £30. You simply send a photo with your order and a week later you will have your own set of personalised salt and pepper pots.

You can find more cool illustrations and personlised products at JoyNevada website.


  1. These are fab! I'm going take a look at that site as there is a special 40th birthday coming up for which I need a fab present.

  2. Elizabeth, you bloody GENIUS. Yo've just solved a birthday gift dilemma for me too.


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