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Wednesday 18 January 2012

Etsy Pick: Joy of Ex Foundation

These totes are rad. Or should that be, they are totes rad? No, nevermind. It's still early.

These fun totes, from the Joy of Ex Foundation, are my kind of bag - cute, funny and perfect for carting around all my stuff. I think our very own wine buff Laura would be more than happy to cart home her latest stash of delicious plonk in this Book (Wine) Club bag.

This one reminds me of my best mate. We have had lots of good ideas at 2am. She will probably get this for her a birthday.
And yes, my kitchen is frequently used for dancing. For just under £10 I wouldn't mind telling you so either.
With change from a tenner, I doubt these awesome totes will be around for long. See the Joy of Ex Foundation for more.


  1. Love them. We've posted two pieces today, both had cool monochrome floors in the photos...

    1. Maybe cool monchrome floor is subliminally selling us cool things.


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