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Friday 13 January 2012

Polly Horner's Best in Show Top Trumps

Do you remember Top Trumps? It was such a brilliant game. All a bit of luck (there was always a card that no one wanted - rabbits might be cute, but they don't win anything), but throw in some facts and it was a battle of wits. Sara was telling me about this pug cushion cover, illustrated by Polly Horner. And then I found that she'd also made a set of dog top trumps.

They're £7.16 and I'm certain that dalmations beat most other dogs for being wonderfully dressed. Poodles don't win at anything except stupid hairstyles. They cheat at being the tallest with their stupid hair.

Obviously I've ordered a pack for the next Sluttery drinks. We'll be the cool kids in the corner playing card games with our martinis.


  1. I never learned how to play Top Trumps, but I'm going to revise the rules before the next Sluttery Drinks. They are adorable.

    1. Surely dachshunds must be fairly high scorers too, given their awesomeness levels.

  2. I do love sausage dogs, but they've got such little legs. I'm not sure they'll win very much at all...


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