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Tuesday 10 January 2012

Monster Threads

I don't have any proper jumpers. Not one. All of my sweaters have stupid bracelet sleeves, or they're fine knits and tiny or jumper dresses (no one tells you what to do when you get to hot in a woolly jumper dress and your immediate reaction is to take it off). I need me some jumpers from Monster Threads. They're cool and so snuggly I might get lost in one.

This gumball sweater is apparently for men. Not anymore. It's mine now. (I'm not going to use the term 'boyfriend' anything. It's just a sweater that's going to be a bit big and you'll probably wear it on a hungover Sunday afternoon.)

I don't have enough hoods in my wardrobe but this bookshelf hoodie would make an excellent reading hoodie. I think I've just invented the term 'reading hoodie'. I like it.

Owls! Oh, this design is brilliant. All of these are £30.40 in the sale at Culture Label and I'd like them all very much. Pretty things can have sensible sleeve lengths, who knew?


  1. I like the owl tree one but good grief that website is hard to use. Maybe I'm not hipster enough or something.

  2. There's a stall in Old Spitalfield's Market that sells hand printed jumpers very much like that owl one. It's normally situated near Giraffe if you ever fancy trying to find it!

  3. I love them too! Here you have their website, it is easy to use and they even have cash back option! :)


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