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Thursday 26 January 2012

Shop in the Spotlight: Papa Stour

I hope you took our advice to heart and were well feed and watered this Burns Night (though your arteries probably took less well to the deep fried tunnocks). If you are still in the mood for all things Scottish, may I direct you to the wonderful webshop that is Papa Stour? It stocks independent Scottish makers and designers and has its very own, very Scottish kind of look to it. Even without a dram of whisky in me, it makes me feel very nostalgic about when I lived in Edinburgh and it makes me want to pack my bags and leap on the next Flying Scotsman up there.

It's full of beautiful things, like this 'In the Woods' light shade by Bronagh and Zuzana. The design is hand-printed onto sand silk and costs £40. You can get one with hares too.

Another thing Scotland is known for is its excellent knitwear. This cushion by Suzanne is illustrated with some excellent examples of said knitwear. It's £18 (cute Scottish child not included in price).

There's great potential for buying unusual gifts too. These ceramic jars are £30 each.

Or for a saucier than average wedding gift, how about this minx? She's also £30.

But if you still haven't had more than your fair share of teacakes, take a look at this Taking Over Teatime print, yours for £25. This one is definitely good for your heart.

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