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Monday 23 January 2012

Sluttishly Scents: Grown-Up Stink Bombs

Sick of scented candles? If small children or unruly pets mean naked flames are a no-no, you tend to forget about lit candles and wander off to bed, or you're just not a candle person, then check out these stink bombs from Cire Trudon. Hurl these paper glass vials at the floor for a beautiful burst of fragrance - these scents are stinky in name only. Cire Trudon have been making candles since 1643, they know what they're doing. Choose the heady patchouli and leather scent of Ernesto or the fresh mint and ginger Abd El Kader.

Pick up a box of ten vials for £30 from Cult Beauty, then make like Dennis the Menace and get smashing. Sluttery tip: these are perfect for getting your flat ready for a party (and I'm assuming your tidying technique is "putting everything in a cupboard" and you ironed your best dress by hanging it in the bathroom while you had a shower).

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  1. Ooh, interesting idea. I wonder how long the fragrance lingers for...


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