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Friday 13 January 2012

The boy and his poison: The Precursor

I know many of you are still detoxing (its ok, I can wait for you all to come to your senses) but what could better to help you clear out those pesky toxins than a supplement full of ginseng, echinacea, goji berries and manuka honey? Thats why I thought I'd introduce you all to Kammerling's, an enigmatic little spirit that through its shopping list of 45 botanicals makes for an incredible addition to your liquor arsenal and borders on being good for you as well. Made by Alex, an ex-bartender and self-professed drinks anorak, he took his love of gin and bitters and set about developing a truly unique drink.

Trying to define this complex spirit in a sentence is no easy task, its not as strong as a gin and shares the complex bitterness of flavours like Fernet Branca or Aperol but its those complex notes which allow it to enhance a few simple flavours into an incredible cocktail. Nowhere is that more evident than the Kammerling's Precursor:

You'll Need:
  • 50ml Kammerlings
  • 40ml Pink Grapefruit Juice
  • 10ml Elderflower Cordial
Then make:
  • Shake all the ingredients over ice
  • Strain into a small cocktail or coupe glass
  • Garnish with a strip of lemon peel

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