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Tuesday 17 January 2012

Top Ten Beef Recipes

It seems that I've had a bit of a thing for red meat recently. Red meat and carbs are making shivery days much more appealing so here's a rundown of our most popular beef recipes. Pop this post in your bookmarks and get it out when you need something rich and warming. Don't worry, vegetarian readers - we're compiling a veggie top ten for you next week.

The Shooters Sandwich: We're going to keep saying it until you've all made one. IT'S THE GREATEST SANDWICH IN THE WORLD.

Steak, wild mushroom and ale pie: Perfect for Sundays.

John Torode's Steak Tips: It should be easy to cook steak, but if you have trouble then you'll find this post useful.

Spicy Beef with Broccoli: For when you something light and speedy.

Beef and Chestnut Pie: It's our newest beef recipe, but it's already one of our most popular.

Cow in Coke: Trust us, the sweet stuff really works.

Slow Cooked Beef Curry: Still one of my favourite recipes. Sluttery HQ often has this bubbling away for hours.

Hungarian Goulash: This is the answer when you want something spicy but you're not in the mood for curry.

Slow Cooked Chilli: We do adore our slow cookers.

Asparagus Cottage Pie: Asparagus in anything makes us happy. You too, it seems.

Take a look at our other top ten compilations here.

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