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Monday 6 February 2012

Bake Your Own Cat

I've always associated Muji with functional monochrome objects rather than any frivolous and fun. I love their simple, 'no brand' style, but I don't go to them for my giddy fripperies fix. A shop for whom 'toys' means 'tiny wooden models in a bag'? Thanks for the notebooks and travel cases, Muji, but I think I'll find my fun elsewhere.

So I was surprised to find these silicone cat moulds newly in stock - look at how adorable they are! How joyously unexpected of you, Muji. You can made a multi-coloured chocolate cat, or bake tiny cat cakes, or simply use them for ice cubes if you want a disdainful puss bobbing about in your lemonade.

The range of moulds includes dogs, candy houses, sweets and gugelhumpfs. The latter are Austrian marble cakes, although the picture makes me suspect it's actually street slang for nipples.

As you'd expect from Muji, they're reasonably priced at £9.95 each.


  1. I truly love them. Guess we need to do a piece on tempering chocolate now... Muji don't menion that it's not going to work very well if you just melt down some Green & Blacks.

    Still, I DO want disdainful pussy cats in my drink. Yes I do.

  2. NO! I really did just want to melt down some Green & Black's. Looks like it's ice 'cats' for me too then!

    1. Well you can still do that, Ali! But they won't come out all shiny like these. Don't worry, we'll teach you tempering (it's dead easy) and you can have all the chocolate cats you want.

  3. Brilliant! I demand chocolate cats and shall buy some immediately.

  4. I want to bake my own cat. Not Bilbo. These ones. Awesome. They'd totally be on my Christmas list if it was still the season.

  5. brilliant?! but the cat moulds dont appear on the Muji website..any other distributors in the EU??? Cheers!


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