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Wednesday 1 February 2012

Wallpaper Wednesday: Osborne & Little's Best in Show

Despite being a crazy cat person, I've been writing a lot about dogs recently. Only the good ones, though. Like all of the ones featured on Osbourne & Little's Best in Show wallpaper. It's simple - just the silhouettes of your favourite pooches. It's on a neutral background so it won't take over your entire room. You can choose between the bronze version above (I think bronze is just O&L's way of saying 'brown') or you can choose cream.

I really like this paper, ever if it's out of my price range at £105 a roll (I don't quite understand why this one is so expensive when their cockatoo paper is just £35). You can buy it from John Lewis or you can choose from a whole bunch of Osborne & Little wallpapers.


  1. There's also a pink version (which I'm saving up for) on a silver background! The dogs are flocked, which is why it's so expensive and I've had to promise I won't rub all of their noses whenever I walk past.

    1. Aaaah that makes more sense! You'd think John Lewis would have shared that little detail. What a shame they don't have the pink and silver version, it's the best one!

    2. They do the cream/ black and a pale gold with white dogs in non-flock but it's FAR less exciting.

      Also - I hear rumours of an O&L sale at Battersea Arts Centre at the beginning of March...


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