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Monday 12 March 2012

Bag Lust: Topshop Mint Bow Bag

I'm not going to lie to you, I am very excited about Spring arriving so that I can get dressed in every single sorbet shade imaginable. There's something very cheering about getting to wear lighter and brighter colours after the dark cosiness of Winter. But you need a bag to go with them. I'm currently loving this handbag from Topshop to fulfil my sorbet bag needs.

It's not a sickly sweet colour but is still light and the chunky handle and studded bow keep it just the right side of ladylike prim. Also, it has a strap which makes it even more practical - you might need your hands free to hold two ice creams because you couldn't decide which flavour you wanted.

It's £25 from Topshop.


  1. I never normally think of Topshop for bags. But that is just gorgeous!! Total bag lady...

  2. Love. At. First. Sight.

    It's so beautiful!

  3. I'd love it so much more if it didn't have the bow on the front.

    1. Whereas I think the bow makes it, but then I'm about 500% more twee than you.

    2. I think I score roughly two boxes of kittens. You're two boxes of kittens meowing along to Belle & Sebastian.


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