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Monday 26 March 2012

Petite Girl Pleasures: Sailor Playsuit

So Kat's been showing taller ladies all the pleasures of the high street, which is ace if you're approaching 6 foot. But if you, like me, are 5'4 on your tiptoes, you'll be on the look out for spring clothes that flatter your frame, rather than swamp you in fabric.We don't need ruffles, large prints, boxy blazers or voluminous skirts. We also don't want a disappointing petite range, or to have to shop in Gap Kids.

Playsuits are made for petite ladies. Do not fear them. If you're too tall, they tend to dig into an intimate part of the anatomy. They're excellent for picnics - no chance of flashing your pants as you lie on the grass eating hummous and strawberries. Just remember to leave plenty of time to strip off if you need a wee.

This playsuit from Sugarhill Boutique is reduced from £65 to £45.50 on Asos. Ignore the model's slightly 'real doll' pose and check out the fitted waist, gold buttons and flirty open back (pop a cardy on if you're not keen on it). If the sunny weather continues, you'll be wearing it to the park every weekend.


  1. Love this. As a lady who is also under 5'4 on tiptoes, I'm also all about the playsuits.

    1. I wish I'd discovered them sooner. They're such excellent fun.

  2. Oh I do like this. Also, she has some nice plait action going on.

  3. There's also a dress version for those who don't want to get naked when they go the loo. :)


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