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Thursday 8 March 2012

The Travelling Gin Co.

Gin travels very well. I'm a big fan of train gin and tonics and I think gin in a can has surprised us all (hands up who thought that was going to taste really nasty?). If you're on any kind of transport where booze is allowed, the questionable white wine can be avoided in favour of lovely, lovely gin.

My housemate Alex told informed me of The Travelling Gin Company, and I really like the idea of gin coming to me. On a bicycle! Who woudn't want cute boys on bikes delivering a decent cocktail?

They're going to be popping up at events over spring and summer, but you can also hire them out for your own party. I'm not sure they'll just hop on their bikes to bring you a gin and then scoot off again, but if you need something special, they're the guys you should get in touch with (you can choose between a cash bar or pre-pay). They'll make you gin cocktails as well as straight up tonics and they can go wherever you like - they're a travelling gin company, after all.

Gin on wheels. It's the future. Just don't try and cycle anywhere after your booze - leave the travelling to the guys while you take care of the gin.


  1. Ooooh! Think they'll come to the wilds of central belt Scotland?? Sounds like my idea of heaven...

  2. A travelling gin company, all that wishing has finally come true!

  3. I am also a MASSIVE fan of Train Gin in a Can! So much so I almost cannot make a train journey without it (you may already know this but M&S gin cans have 2 1/2 measures per can! powerful stuff!) But now Gin delivered by hotties on a bike...this is simply wonderful! It's perfect for the decedant gin soak!


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