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Monday 26 March 2012

Digital, floral Joy

I can't get enough of Joy right now (not just because they're stocking the Domestic Sluttery book). Their spring and summer collections are utterly gorgeous and I have to walk a different way home because otherwise I go past Joy and accidentally spend all of my money. I've had a sneak peek at what's coming up and I want everything.

I want this digital floral skirt most of all. I've been sitting patiently waiting for it to arrive. (By patiently, I mean just spending the last week refreshing the Joy homepage). The print is friggin' divine, the length is perfection and it's just £39. Joy, you spoil me with your summeryness.

Oh, and just a quick heads up - there's a gorgeous dress in the same print hitting the shops very soon.


  1. I wish they did shoes.... imagine how lush they would be!

  2. I like Joy but I'm getting very frustrated with how few clothes they stock in sizes above a size 14. A bit of inclusivity would be nice!


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