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Thursday 22 March 2012

Sites we love: Cook the Books

I've been willing Pip McCormac to start blogging since our Ginterview with him last year. He's quippy, he's funny and he likes to make trouble. Good taste in lamps, too. What more do you want from a lifestyle writer? Cook The Books is so good. It's my new favourite food blog and adds a massive dose of foody bitchiness into my day.

Pip cooks directly from the latest recipe books. So far so "oh good, another food blog". But he actually does exactly what the recipe says. And that's not easy. Because we like to meddle. Something boiling dry? We fix it. Run out of cinnamon? We'll add something else. Pip doesn't do that. He does exactly what he's told (begrudgingly). And often, it makes for hilarious consequences.

This is Pip's take on Rachel Khoo's chocolate mousse. Which he served to his parents. And his boyfriend's parents. The first time they met. Understandably, he's not that impressed with Rachel Khoo's book. It's bitchy. "By now, you’ll have had the perfect life of Rachel Khoo rammed down your throat by the BBC... She so carefully and contrivedly markets her slice of the good life that she  makes Amelie look like she should star in her own ITV2 show When French Bitches Go Bad."

Pip talks frankly about the cook books, but after a while you almost stop caring about that. I still want to know what prompted "his penis is too big for that position" to be uttered at his latest dinner party. I can't wait for him to move in with the boyfriend and if it wasn't already clear, Pip is really enjoyable when he's pissed. And he's pissed a lot when he cooks.

Cook the Books is fabulous booze-fuelled bitching for drama queens who like their blogs with a slice of silliness and soap opera. Oh, and it's also about cook books.


  1. Sounds absolutely hysterical. And yes, I am fed up of Rachel Khoo and I'm not sure if her show has even started yet...

  2. This is the best blog recommendation I've had in a long time!

  3. Oh, this is Pip McCormac! Now I love it even more *frantically presses refresh hoping for more posts*

  4. We heard a 'rumour' that Gwynnie is up next. But let's not get too judgy judgy about that - Pip is in possession of *our* book as well...

  5. Brilliant! Absolutely loving it.


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