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Monday 19 March 2012

Tattoo Brandy Glasses

Flicking through my latest copy of Living Etc, I spotted these tattooed brandy glasses. I do love a spot of brandy. Actually, I'd go as far to say that I prefer brandy to whisky. I also really, really like the shape of brandy glasses. They're ideal for swooshing booze around. Swooshing is fun.

These are from RE-found Objects, who unfortunately still have to most annoying website in the world to navigate. They're absolutely gorgeous, but it took me an age to find them on the website (I actually thought they'd sold out completely). They are running low, though. They've got the eye, the good luck horseshoe and the fate dagger left and they're £25 each. A little price, but I don't share my brandy so I only need one.


  1. Their website is a bit pants ... but their shop is mega amazing! I may have to become a brandy drinker.

  2. And they've just opened a new shop in Liberty as well. I have no idea who designed their website, but it's a shocker.

  3. Oh I want these! I have a big thing for glasses (and brandy). Swooooon


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