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Thursday 29 March 2012

The Best Towels In The World

I know. Towels. How exciting, really, can they be? Well hugely, in the instance of Anorak's new range, which popped into my inbox courtesy of the quite wonderful Home Shopping Spy yesterday. We've already shown you the amazing cool bag they've done, and I spent most of yesterday with this website open in a window so that I could go back and stare at them.

These are towels made for WINNING.

How gorgeous are they? I want all of them. A face towel costs £4, a hand towel £14. A bath towel is £25 and my favourite, the utterly gigantinormous bath sheet is £35.


  1. I've never heard of this brand before but it turns out I own one of their horse print bags! I found it a couple of weeks ago in a shop in Exeter for £5 and fell in love immediately. I'm so excited to know that there is a whole range in this print!

  2. I love them. I don't quite know why. They're just really good prints and really good colours. Are they snuggly? They look snuggly. I am NOT a fan of rough bath towels.

  3. I think they're a bit naff

  4. Look at the pony print! I want to wrap myself in ponies when I get out of the bath!


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