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Friday 9 March 2012

Sluttery by Post: The Good Fork

I remember when I used to get really excited about the post arriving in the mornings, and not just on birthdays either. I would hear the rap of the letterbox and immediately stop what I'm doing and go and see what's arrived. I should mention that this was not only in the days before I had a mortgage and bills to worry about but also in the days before Facebook, Twitter and everyone having a mobile phone so we used to write letters, actual letters to each other. Which reminds me, I'm sure I made a drunken resolution back in January to write letters to friends again, it's just so much nicer than a text don't you think?

When I found one of those exciting red notes from my postman telling me that there was a parcel waiting for me at the depot I was ridiculously excited. Unfortunately though it was Saturday and I would have to wait the entire weekend to pick up my mystery parcel. 

My mystery parcel turned out to be a deli-box from The Good Fork so all my excitement paid off! As soon as I opened the lid I was hit by the heady scent of vanilla, yes I was now even more excited about this parcel!

My Good Fork deli-box contained 7 items all carefully sourced by Virginia who, after travelling and working her way around the Mediterranean, struggled to find quality produce from that region back here in the UK and as a result The Good Fork was born.

In addition to the Madagascan vanilla pod the box contained Puy Lentils, Mustard with Honey and Balsamic Vinegar, Mandarin and Orange Marmelleta, Salsa Verde, Pickled Garlic and White Tuna in Olive Oil. Each product is beautifully packaged and feels, well, special. The main thing I found about this selection is that it really made me want to make something wonderful that allowed the star ingredient to show off. The deli-box came with recipe suggestions which was great as working with an ingredient you have never tried before can be a bit daunting and they also have more on their website if you get a bit stuck for ideas. 

The Good Fork boxes cost £28.50 (inc P+P) and are delivered monthly if you subscribe but you can simply buy a one-off box if you prefer.  They also do a Bigger Fork box containing 9 items for £35.50 and a Limited Edition Gorgeous Greek box (£39.50).

I'm not lucky enough to have a good deli near where I live so I love the idea of really great quality Mediterranean ingredients sent to me each month and think that if you have a food loving friend one of these would make a fantastic present and hey, they may even cook for you!

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  1. I love this idea! I one off box would make a lovely gift woo!


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