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Wednesday 21 March 2012

Tall Girl Treat: Topshop Spring Jeans

While Topshop's Tall range leaves a lot to be desired (specifically: length. Its dresses border on pornographic) its jeans are utterly magnificent. Wild horses couldn't drag me to spend more than £40 on a pair of denims when Topshop's skinny jeans fit so damn well.

Last year I ventured away from my beloved Baxters and towards the super-soft (and super skinny) Leighs for the first time, and now I'm going to have to be prised out of those because a) they're black and b) the most beautiful range of ice cream-coloured jeans has come in time for spring. All the jeans here have a 36" inside leg, and it's worth keeping an eye peeled for the 38" leg which pops up from time to time.

Lavender Leigh, £38
Pink Jamie jeans, £40

Cloud Leigh jeans, £38Mint Jamie jeans, £40

A wild card to finish off - these aren't my sort of thing at all; I'd just end up looking like an upside down vase, but would look absolutely fabulous on a girl with the right look and confidence to pull it off. Happy spring time girls!

PS - if you have a slightly less gangled leg length, there are plenty of lovely jeans for you as well. Beautiful spring colours in Topshop Petite and in the main range.


  1. Hmm. For these, I may conquor my fear of topshop that I aquired aged 13 in a horrific communal changing room incident. Never been back.

    Before I do though... are these cut more for straight up/down girls, or curvy hourglassy ones?

  2. I absolutely LOVE Topshop's Leigh jeans. I don't have long legs but you're right, they fit incredibly well. I've got them in black, navy and in an ordinary denim colour and they're fab. Mind you, I have just bought a pair of peach-coloured skinnies from Primark - they also fit really well and they were only £11!

  3. Hello Helen! I'm very much a pear-shaped girl and these are fine for me. The changing rooms still require a stiff gin beforehand - maybe try online?

    Allie, how fabulous you've found some peach ones! £11 too, what a bargain. I am incredibly envious!


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