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Wednesday 21 March 2012

Wallpaper Wednesday: PaperBoy's How it Works

If there's one thing an Attenborough TV show will do, it's make me stare agog at the screen wondering how the hell I manage to survive. I can't function without tea. I think cheese is a food group. I don't tidy up after myself. Let's face it, if I had to live out in the wild like a penguin, I'd be gobbled up by a sea lion pretty darn quickly. I might have smarts, but I'm still in awe of how animals work.

I'm all over this PaperBoy Animatronics wallpaper. How do animals work? How do chickens lay eggs? This wallpaper wants to explain it to you, using totally adorable pictures. The animals work using a team of mini engineers and wheels and cogs. Obviously.

And that's how chickens make eggs, see?! (It's not really, don't be silly.)

I'm loving the colours, they're basically perfect for every single room. And giraffes would be even cooler if they were blue.

I'm not totally taken with the purple colourway on the walls, but I do like it on the cushions and lampshade. You can buy fabrics from PaperBoy as well. The wallpaper is £60 a roll, the fabric is £56. And you'll learn all about how animals work and everything.


  1. Love it the fabric but not their description: "Great boys' fabric for curtains, cushions, lampshades & light upholstery."

  2. my husband is an animatronic designer, so as much as i love this design I could never have it for fear of him spending all day staring at it and wanting to correct things ;-)


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