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Wednesday 14 March 2012

Smashing Chintz

I broke one of my favourite bowls the other day thanks to a slow motion catastrophe of slippery hands and a precariously balanced draining rack. If I was clever like Janine Nelson, the lady behind Smashing Chintz, I could've turned it into something like this.

Janine makes fab little mosaics on vintage plates out of broken bits of other crockery. These plates are purely for decoration and though they could err on the side of Too Twee, I absolutely love them.

Maybe decorative plates aren't your thing though. How about a brooch? Specifically a Schnauzer brooch?

He's a noble looking thing isn't he? You can get cats too if you're not a dog person.

I am far too cack-handed to attempt to make these myself but Janine runs workshops to teach basic techniques which would be ace and maybe make a nice, unusual present for a crafty friend or relative.

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