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Tuesday 27 March 2012

Lizzie Allen at Habitat

Tally up my design crushes over the last few years and I've probably spent the greatest proportion lusting over the illustrations of Lizzie Allen. With rolls of her wallpaper costing over £300, it's something I'm leaving off buying until I accomplish my life plan of winning the lottery.

Hooray for Habitat then, as they've worked with her to produce a range of products at prices that I can afford alongside my lottery ticket. To add to the high level of win in this collaboration, the range is based around London and Paris: two of my very favourite places.

Here's the London beaker which costs just £2. It's made from melamine so clearly has picnic potential, but you could use it to store something like make-up brushes or colouring pencils too.

Here's the pretty Paris beaker. I love the collage like effect of the illustration.

The line of people on this tray are just brilliant: city gents with their papers, overstuffed waiters, Chelsea pensioners. All this for only £12.

The range includes a number of other trays and dishes and some tea towels to dry them all up when they are done with. There are a couple of ceramic items too, such as this patriotic teapot. Perfect for Jubilee celebrations if you like that kind of thing, otherwise just perfect for a nice cuppa. It's £35 and the most expensive thing in the range. I want it all please.


  1. These are all so lovely, but why oh why won't Pinterest pin from Domestic Sluttery? :-(

    1. No reason at all why it shouldn't! We do it. (Either using the bookmarklet or the buttons on the post.) How strange.

  2. This is brilliant - thank you for sharing as I adore the London beaker!

    Jem xXx


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