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Thursday 29 March 2012

Eggxtremely Eggcellent Easter Eggs

Earlier this week we showed you some non-eggy things you can buy for Easter and now it's the turn of eggs. You can buy me all the chocolate bunnies you want, but it still won't feel like Easter unless I've had an egg. Now you already know about Cadbury eggs, and Green & Blacks and all the others you can pick up when you're going your weekly shop. But what about something more snazzy? Save these for your favourite people.

Let's start with something utterly ridiculous (why not?) This isn't even an Easter egg. It's an egg-shaped box with some chocolates in it. It's also £125. Really. It's Fortnum & Mason, and covered in eau du nil silk. That's really not an excuse for the price, but I like the packaging and from now on I would like my Cadbury eggs all wrapped up like this.

What egg do you buy a fashionable girl who likes dinosaurs? You buy an egg with chocolate dinosaurs inside with packaging designed by Vivienne Westwood. Obviously. This is also from Fortnums and it's £32.50.

Now, this one is pricey, but it's THE BIGGEST EGG EVER. We all know that the bigger the egg the better it is. Don't pretend you like Mini Cadbury Creme Eggs as much as the little ones (image the Creme Egg cupcakes you could make with giant eggs). This chocolate-filled Ostrich egg might be £70 from Hotel Chocolat, but weighs over a kilo and it'll feed the Domestic Sluttery team a small family for about a month. They're also sending out free chocs with any order over £35.

This Harrods dark chocolate egg is gorgeous. So simple. It's dusted with gold powder and filled with mini eggs. It's £21.50.

Donna Wilson has designed some eggs for Rococo. They're all hand painted with her cute designs. Chocolates in the middle, of course (we will never recommend an empty egg, they ruin Easter). These are £17.50.

I don't mind which one you buy me, by the way. But the fashionable dinosaur egg has the edge.


  1. Dinosaur egg link has already been sent to my husband!

  2. I want the BIGGEST EGG EVER and I want it ALL TO MYSELF.

  3. but, but, but you missed these... *sad face*

    1. Aaah, we only wanted to write about one handpainted egg, Kate! Donna Wilson's have been sitting in our 'must write about this' folder for weeks!

  4. You had me at, dinosaurs.


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