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Wednesday 28 March 2012

River Island Spring Lace Jacket

So although it's been rather warm lately, I've not braved forsaking a coat just yet. Unless the thermometer is soaring past 25C, I always like to have some kind of jacket or cardigan. But what to wear to complement the more delicate clothes that warmer weather inclines us to? May I present for your consideration this lace number from River Island?

I am quite in love with it to the extent that I have looked at it at least once a day since I spotted it a couple of weeks ago and I'm only a few £2 coins (hello saving!) from having enough money to buy it. The colour and the 3/4 length sleeves are the clincher for me plus the fact that it'll be easy to sling over pretty dresses and trousers and look a little bit smarter than a denim jacket which is my normal fallback.

How many coins have I had to save? £65 worth which is fairly reasonable for saying how much it'll be worn.


  1. I may be shot down in flames, but I am afraid I do not like it, it looks a bit like an old fashioned house coat, ladies used to wear while doing the housework. But each to their own and I am sure would look fab with the right thing :)
    Sarah @scotdownsouth

  2. It's verging on dressing gown territory for me. But perhaps is would look prettier on?

  3. I wish I could find a picture of someone wearing it. I can't quite picture what it'd be like over a dreses.

  4. Dreadful. Old lady house coat.

  5. Trust me, it's prettier on!

    I can see the house coat comparisons but I am rather partial to them so that's perhaps why I love it so much!


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