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Wednesday 14 March 2012

Beautiful (bargain) bedding

Someone needs to have a stern word with Agent Provocateur. Their bras are foxy, they've been making rich ladies' tits look fantastic for years now. I like their perfume. Their adverts are so damn sexy I find myself blushing at my desk. But, in all seriousness, whacking a £1000 price tag on a duvet (and £500 for a cushion) is madness.

Luxurious, sexy bedding isn't always cheap, but after staring mouth-open at the AP website I decided I need to find some sexy bedding options that I wouldn't have me resorting to extreme bedroom actions to pay for a damn bolster cushion.

Not only is all of the Kylie at Home stuff friggin' gorgeous, it's all under £100 and her website plays All The Lovers (the only time website music is ever acceptable is when it's Kylie). You can buy the range from Debenhams.

This Biba Iris range is so dramatic. I've got a thing about Biba today, clearly. There are four different styles at House of Fraser, starting from £15.

I think I love this white rabbit duvet, but part of my brain is telling me it's too childish. I'm ignoring that part of my brain. It's a king size and £60 from Urban Outfitters.

This Clarissa Hulse bedding makes me think of springtime Sundays when the sun is coming in through the curtains. It's not cheap - the double duvet is £78, but you'd be able to buy seven of these for the price of one Agent Provocateur cushion.

Want something swish and super cheap? This floral bedding set from Ikea is chic and somehow just £30.99 for a double duvet cover and four pillow cases.


  1. I have now purchased the Ikea one, and put the white rabbit one on my 'for my birthday' list.

    1. Lisa-Marie, I own the Ikea one too! Am slightly ashamed to say I saw it on a bed instore and went "YEAH, I WANT THAT EXACT BEDROOM" It's fabulous anyway.

      Am now salivating over the Biba set and the white rabbit too. Gorgeous.

  2. I think the Biba set is my favourite.


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