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Monday, 19 March 2012

Sexy Satchels

I have been hankering after a new satchel for some time now. I have a couple of brown vintage satchels but I want one of those brightly coloured Cambridge satchels that all the cool kids have. Unfortunately lack of funds means a shiny new Cambridge is just a dream away. 

Luckily I found these sexy, compact and affordable colourful satchels from New Look.  They stock a range of colours priced between £10 and £20. Bargain.
This rather gorgeous gunmetal grey satchel would be perfect for the new office job I am hoping to find.

Or if you want to embrace the coral trend this season try this lovely pink satchel.

Alternatively, a bright teal satchel is perfect for brightening up your spring/summer wardrobe.


  1. The grey satchel is quite metallic / shiny in the flesh, really quite lovely. A couple of weeks ago, they were mis-priced in Cardiff's New Look (£8 instead of £19.99) but back to full price now unfortunately..

    1. Bargain! Nice going Cardiff New Look.

  2. I'm off to new look this week then

  3. The teal one, the teal one...: )

  4. Coral is always a winner (she says wearing coral pumps bought in the sale three years ago).

  5. Seriously pretty. My Ollie and Nic mini satchel is starting to fall apart after two years heavy use, so I might get one of these to replace it.

  6. Love the colours, but these are a bit on the small side for me. But Boohoo has got some GORGEOUS satchels at the moment, come on payday...

  7. The coral wins for me. Also the teal.. Unfortunately the coral ones is out of stock online. :( Probably a good thing as I'm in serious danger of becoming addicted to satchels. Four and counting.


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