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Thursday 29 March 2012

Shop in the Spotlight: Edith and Bob

Oh, I love the Spring. It reminds me of the Easter holidays, and my family taking my childhood self on endless trips to parks, the zoo, and the seaside, every time with a little hamper filled with corned beef sandwiches, pork pies, fairy cakes, bourbon biscuits, and a great big flask of sweet tea.

I'd forgotten how much I loved these simple pleasures, until I discovered Edith and Bob. They appear to share my passion (and my food-filled upbringing), and they've created a delightful range of Britfood-themed cards and accessories.

This is my favourite item from their range. Birthday teas are just the best, right? My Mama always used to make me a fabulous themed cake like this one. I think I'm probably too old now (being a grown up sucks sometimes), so I'll settle for the card instead. It's £2.35.

We all have someone we'd give this card to. And now I really, really want some yorkshire puddings (thankfully, Hazel can help me here.). Cards that make me hungry are ace. This is £2.35 as well.

tea towel full of teatime treats. This is made for doing the washing up on a lazy Sunday evening. Of course, once you're done you're going to want some more cake, which will generate more dirty dishes, and in turn more washing up, and then more cake-lust. It's a vicious circle that I'd be glad to be ensnared within. It's £9.00.

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