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Friday 30 March 2012

The Friday Five: Egg Cups

It's a rule that I have dippy eggs at some point over the Easter break. Usually in the egg cup that came with my Creme Eggs. Egg and soldiers are a happy breakfast and deserve happy egg cups. Don't use shot glasses, these are much prettier.

These lovely little ladies are just £2.95 each from Hunkydory Home. They're almost seven quid in Urban Outfitters, it pays to shop around.

I really like these Ecology egg cups. They're super stylish and £9.95 for the set of four and you can buy them from John Lewis.

Well hello, birdy. Aren't you cute? This is a chaffinch, Sluttery bird watchers. He's adorable and he looks like he's going to peck the shell of the top of your egg for you. He's £12 from the V&A. Oh, it's always a sign that I'm going to buy cute things when I start calling them 'he'.

Robots on eggs cups, what could be better? This is £12 from the wonderful Julia Davey. I like the flamingo design as well, obviously.

Remember I showed you that amazing puffin breafkast range earlier in the week? Well Maiden stock all sorts of products from the same range - including this hare egg cup. Aren't his ears AMAZING? He's £8.50. Just £4.25 per amazing ear.


  1. I had only just managed to resist buying a chicken egg cup from Cath Kidston, similar to the V&A chaffinch one, and now you show me these! Oh dear, oh dear.

  2. How bad do I want those Robot egg cups? BAD


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