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Monday 19 March 2012

Dream Dress: New Look Chiffon Split Maxi

I don't often like chiffon overlay midi/maxi dresses. The slips sometimes seem too short, or the chiffon layer is weird. The proportions just don't look right. But this one works. Oh yes, this one is perfect. And it's only £22 from New Look.

Is it too soon to be writing about maxi dresses? Admit it, you're all thinking about them. You've probably even considered grabbing last year's out of your wardrobe. You might have even gone a step further and worn one on a particularly sunny morning (and then regretted it come 6pm when it's dark and you're freezing your tits off).

But soon it'll be a good idea. Very soon. The clocks go forward on Sunday and that officially means it's British Summer Time and long nights staying outside and drinkings Pimms (what is Pimms? does anyone even know? are we not supposed to ask?) This dress is the ideal 'I'm not really that cold' dress. Everyone knows you're fibbing a little, so take a jacket out with you.

Or cross your fingers for a glorious summer that lasts for months. It could happen y'know.

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