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Thursday 22 March 2012

Handles with care

Though fans of a good classic, there's no denying Domestic Sluts are firmly in favourite of updating them every once in a while:

Got a favourite jacket? Put a brooch on it.
Picking a portion of chips? Smother mayo on them
So what about a set of classic white tableware? You could put a fancy handle on it...

Fancy, ornate handles seem to have been popping up on all sorts of tableware recently, perhaps as a reaction to all the tasteful mid-century looks that are currently so popular. Whatever the reason, it's a look intended for fun and for entertaining (even if it's just entertaining yourself in front of the telly).  I heartily approve and would like to declare that it's time to put the rococo back into your coco!

Italian style is not known for shrinking back into the corner, so it's surely none too surprising that it's an Italian brand, Seletti, behind these I Mugs. £24 will get you a set of six from The Food Company.

The Loveramics range by Lee Chi Wing at Heal's is just as ornate but is pastel and a whole lot calmer than its Seletti counterparts. His fancy handles also apply to spoons and there are plates in the set too. This mug is £12.

Or if you want to go the whole way with the look, how about the Barocco tableware from Zara Home? Prices range from £8.99 for mug up to £39.99 for a soup tureen (a soup tureen? This set definitely is all about the fancy).  Your table will definitely be dressed to impressed.

What do you think about this more ornate look to tableware?  Do you have a favourite?


  1. "time to put the rococo back into your coco!" - that surely has to be the quote of the week!

    I think I like the six little "i-mugs" best. I'd be more keen if the colours on the handles were a little more classy and a little less nursery school...

    1. I actually like that they're so nursery school! They're like they've just been splashed with a bit of paint one day.

  2. Gorgeous! Loving that ombre handle on the Lee Chi Wing mug - how elegant!


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