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Wednesday 21 March 2012

Super cuteness from Superfumi

Ah, cute animals. What would we coo over if we didn't have you? How would we accessorise without foxes and sausage dogs and owls? Yes, our addiction to animal based products is strong and now we have a new dealer in the form of Superfumi. Created by Claudia Fumi, she's made a whole enchanted forest of loveliness.

Take The Mysterious Owl, for instance.

According to Claudia, "he loves nothing more than contemplating the peaceful night sky surrounded by bright stars". He can contemplate them from around your neck if you bought this necklace. It's £15.

If I were to send a little note of love, I'd send The Love Foxes. They're quite in love but really cool about it. Much better than a PDA. This card is only £2.

What I really want though is a little bit of magic to take around with me. The Unicorn is perfect for that.

This brooch is £10 and can go everywhere with you. It makes me want to recreate after school awesome milk and biscuit time to watch Dungeons and Dragons though....

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