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Thursday, 15 March 2012

List-a-mania: Endless Notes

Lists are fun aren't they? While Sian and I were away in Amsterdam last weekend we managed to cover a few of the essential lists: favourite carbs, favourite roasts, favourite fruits. If we'd only been there for longer, who knows what else we'd have got pegged down? Lists are also useful: I govern my life by a to-do list, and couldn't imagine how I'd cope with a trip to the supermarket if I didn't have a shopping list to hand. That's probably why I loved this simple but cunning invention when I saw it over at Swiss Miss.

It's a steel wall-mountable ongoing to-do list. Using the pencil provided, simply scrawl down what you need to get from the shops OR who you need to buy a present for OR your top five power ballads as the inspiration strikes and then tear off your list using the jagged edge at the bottom of the mount. No more scrabbling round for scraps of paper or mucking up pretty notebooks with mundanities, just write, tear and be on your merry way.

It costs £25.10 from Made In Design. Suitable for adding to birthday lists too.


  1. It looks like loo roll. I can't help but think that's a handy place to write a to do list.

  2. Admittedly it does look a lot like that cheap tracing paper like loo roll...

  3. Used to make these in Brownies out of till rolls, card and sticky backed plastic ;)

  4. Aw, I love the idea of your folks then having to proudly display that by your front door!

  5. "we managed to cover a few of the essential lists: favourite carbs, favourite roasts, favourite fruits"

    Did we do fruits? I think I got bored after cherries and started thinking of my favourite cartoon cats. (James is top of that list, by the way.)

  6. My first issue will be 'Now where did I leave that pencil?'
    But I love the idea though!


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