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Tuesday 20 March 2012

Pop Your (Contrast) Collar

Sometimes you stumble across things you didn't know you absolutely, definitely, had to have until you saw them. For instance: contrast collars. They're a simple way of jazzing up an outfit without looking like you've made a huge effort. They say hello, I am here, and I expect to have significant amounts of fun. Kindly bring it on.

Yet I'd never even heard of them until I saw this leather number from Eleven Objects:

Gold leather with lace and black studs? Why, it's like you looked inside my wardrobe and threw all my favourite things into a blender. It is, hilariously, $325. I'm not going to bother converting that into pounds. It is Not For Us.

This sequinned shirt collar from Zara is far more affordable at only £17.99.

Gemma Lister has an amazing range of collars, whether you're into sequins, satin, sheepskin or leather. This gorgeous ruffled velvet collar is £50. And the description uses the phrase "would look super chanel on a cream jumper!", which is fabulously Clueless.

Finally, a chance to see a collar in action. This gold number is from ASOS, reduced from £25 to £20. Look at it turning that top from Drab Work Jumper to Disco Sparkle Jumper Of Joy.

Not convinced by the whole collar thing? Try this delicate collar necklace by Polli, made of stainless steel and lace. It's £84 from Hannah Zakari.

Finally, back to Zara for this leather collar, which is a mere £2.99 in the sale. It would add a tougher edge to a twee dress or just a plain t-shirt.


  1. Disco Sparkle Jumper of Joy is joyous. Also, I want one.

  2. Agreed. Love the sequinned one. Would wear it with everything. Might actually buy it so I can do just that.

  3. A bit late to this post but I am so into this. Love the velvet one, it would turn me into Wednesday Adams (or possibly Courtney Love circa 92)

    1. Both good looks. I still want the studded one.


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