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Wednesday 28 March 2012

Dream Dress: Wallpaper Prints

I can't see for bring and summery prints right now. I'm not complaining, I want them all. I've never been a girl for the little black dress. I like colour and pattern and this season is spoiling me rotten. Since it's Wallpaper Wednesday, I've been inspired by some prints that frankly would look gorgeous on your walls as well as your dresses.

This summer dress from Oasis reminds me so much of those gorgeous Yukari Sweeney toile wallpapers. It's a print that works so well on fabric and the shape is gorgeous. Still, it's £85 - what's with that, Oasis?

Argh, this orange floral dress is so beautiful I can't stand it. Nope, must buy it immediately. I've never really liked floral wallpapers, but this daff print works so well on this dress. I'm loving the T-back as well. It's £36 from Topshop.

Remember I told you about this digital print from Joy? Here's the dress version. If you have this kind of print on your walls, I probably think you're amazing. If you have this dress already, I'm jealous. Wanna make me green with envy? It'll cost you £55.

This keyhole dress is from the ASOS Curve collection, which means it goes up to a size 26. See that print? It looks like flowers from a distance, but it's actually little tiny elephants. Amazing. Animals are always popping up on our wallpaper, and I like it very much when they pop up on dresses too. This is £35 and manages to look slinky rather than overly cute.


  1. the oasis dress reminds me of my blue willow china collection ...i love it but what's with the crazy prices at oasis? i'd expect it from somewhere like monsoon where the quality is far superior

  2. That heffalump dress from Asos Curve makes me wish that they started at a 14. SO lovely!

  3. So jealous that the elephant dress doesn't come in smaller sizes. They're balancing tiny apples and stars on their trunks for goodness sake! Gorgeous. Shame no-one seems to make dresses in all sizes. It's either up to a size 16 or 16 upwards. Why not both?

  4. They're such cute elephants!

    Maria, I have no idea what's going on with the prices at Oasis. They do this every so often. Still, in two weeks that dress will be in the sale and at normal shop prices.


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